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Welcome to the South Africa webstore (servicing all of Africa). Browse our webstore and purchase great resources from the comfort of your home, securely and easily!

Every month our store has new products and specials available so please check back regularly to see what Creation Ministries International has to offer.

Need some help? The answers will most likely be on our Help/FAQ page so please look there. You can of course also email or phone us.

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  • Creation, Fall, RestorationR240.00
  • Canadian Supercamp DVD packR600.00
  • Busting Myths - 30 Ph.D. scientists who believe the Bible and its account of originsR180.00
  • Building Blocks in ScienceR90.00
  • Tyler Cray and the Grand Canyon BirthdayR100.00
  • Mr Hibb Geology & Dinosaur booksR300.00
  • Programming of Life + Codes & Creation DVD packR285.00
  • Great Ice Age + The Mammoth & Ice Age DVD packR285.00
  • The Dark Side of Charles DarwinR100.00
  • Gods Wondrous Machine 3 book packR580.00
  • Starlight, Time and the New Physics, 1st EdR50.00
  • Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things DVDR60.00
  • Evolution's Achilles' Heels (DVD)R200.00
  • The Creation Answers BookR140.00
  • Patterns of Evidence: Exodus DVDR250.00
  • Evolution's Achilles' HeelsR200.00
  • A Matter of Faith movieR200.00
  • Creation magazine print - 1 yr new subnR200.00
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