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Welcome to the South Africa webstore (servicing all of Africa). Browse our webstore and purchase great resources from the comfort of your home, securely and easily!

Every month our store has new products and specials available so please check back regularly to see what Creation Ministries International has to offer.

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  • How Earth Shaped + Planetary Cataclysm packR160.00
  • Life Before BirthR140.00
  • R200.00
  • 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History + How Did We Get Our Bible?s packR300.00
  • Evolution's Blunders, Frauds and ForgeriesR180.00
  • From Creation to Salvation</LONGNAME><SHORTDESC><em>What Jesus and the New Testament authors believed about Genesis</em><br>Highlights the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament authors that rest on the foundation of biblical creation.R160.00
  • Keeping Faith in an Age of ReasonR200.00
  • Footprints in the Ash + Rocks Aren't Clocks packR300.00
  • Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 3 DVD setR750.00
  • Core Issues DVD packR600.00
  • Exploring the World Around YouR100.00
  • Exploring the World of Chemistry - From Ancient Metals to High-Speed ComputersR100.00
  • Exploring Creation with Chemistry and PhysicsR545.00
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and PhysiologyR545.00
  • Exploring Creation with Zoology 3—Land AnimalsR545.00
  • Days 1–7 (Updated)R50.00
  • Exploring Creation with Zoology 1—Flying CreaturesR545.00
  • Creation magazine print - 1 yr new subnR200.00
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