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<em>Creation</em> magazine assorted back issues
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Creation magazine assorted back issues

This unique 56-page full-color family magazine gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith and uphold the true history of the world found in Genesis. The exciting articles provide great witnessing material that you won't find anywhere else!

Buying back issues and giving them away is a proven method of outreach and is used by many, including churches, to witness and equip their friends and family.

PLEASE NOTE: Your periodical(s) will be selected from a range of recent back-issues. Larger orders (10+) will likely contain multiple copies of some issues. If it is important for you to receive particular issues, or you have any other back issue requests then please record your instructions (specific issues/quantity) in the box below.

Available issues:
October 2014 Volume 36:4
July 2014 Volume 36:3
April 2014 Volume 36:2
January 2014 Volume 36:1
October 2013 Volume 35:4
July 2013 Volume 35:3
April 2013 Volume 35:2
January 2013 Volume 35:1
October 2012 Volume 34:4
July 2012 Volume 34:3
April 2012 Volume 34:2
October 2011 Volume 33:4
April 2011 Volume 33:2
January 2011 Volume 33:1
October 2010 Volume 32:4
July 2010 Volume 32:3
January 2010 Volume 32:1
September 2009 Volume 31:4
June 2009 Volume 31:3
March 2009 Volume 31:2
December 2008 Volume 31:1

Each issue’s table of contents can be viewed on the
Creation magazine archive page.

Instructions to us
Format: Soft cover
Product Code: 90-3-BAK

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