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Big Argument + Evolution Impossible pack
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Big Argument + Evolution Impossible pack

This pack includes the two books …

The Big Argument: Does God Exist?
This philosophical exploration follows the successful ‘multi-expert author’ formula of co-editor John Ashton’s ‘In Six Days’, in which 50 scientists wrote a chapter each to say why they believed in biblical creation. Though many of the 24 chapter authors will be quite new to readers, some well-known creationist ‘names’ feature. CMI’s own Dr David Catchpoole contributes a powerful section on the arguments for Genesis creation from his field of biology. A great new addition to broaden your apologetic armoury!

Evolution Impossible
12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannot Explain the Origin of Life on Earth
In this compelling and authoritative book, Dr John Ashton, a practicing scientist and adjunct professor of biomedical and applied sciences, rebuts evolution in straight-forward language. He uses recent discoveries in genetics, biochemistry, geology, radiometric dating and other scientific disciplines, giving 12 reasons why the whole scenario is simply impossible.

Format: Soft cover
Audience: High School–Adult
Author: John Ashton, Michael Westacott
Product Code: .90-7-939

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