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Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use DVD
CMI Price:R120.00

Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use DVD

In this candid presentation before an international conference of nearly 600 creationist speakers and writers, Dr Jonathan Sarfati reveals the out-of-date, faulty and downright flaky evidences that reputable creationists must avoid. In his trademark style, Dr Sarfati challenges some of the most-loved arguments of modern creationists, while encouraging us to focus intensely on God's written Word as the absolute guide to evidence interpretations!

Succinct explanations and warnings regarding:

  • Archaeopteryx—the transitional bird
  • Darwin’s deathbed recantation
  • The New Zealand plesiosaur
  • Solar neutrinos
  • The archeological claims of the late Ron Wyatt
  • Moon dust
  • NASA’s finding of Joshua’s long day
  • Hezekiah’s sun dial
  • The origination of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
  • Micro-evolution
  • Wingless beetles

    Discover how to avoid or overcome scientific fallacies, outdated arguments and universal statements.

    Includes extra features, English sub-titles and a 3-minute promotional segment.

  • Format: DVD
    Audience: High School–Adult
    Presenter: Dr Jonathan D Sarfati
    Length: 49 mins
    Product Code: 30-9-535

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