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Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3<sup>rd</sup> edition—Video Instruction Data DVD
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Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd edition—Video Instruction Data DVD

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NOTE: To use this disc, you must have a DVD drive on your computer and a program capable of playing .MP4 files. You must also have a program capable of opening PDF and other image files. Not for use in DVD players.

Want to explain the substance of everything that you can see and even things that you can’t see in a manner that is easy to understand? Enhance your student’s chemistry course with this outstanding video instruction DVD featuring Apologia author and scientist Sherri Seligson. Using on-location video footage and animated diagrams, Sherri investigates the properties of matter and the many ways in which matter interacts, combines, and changes into new substances. Understanding the natural world around us has never been more fun. This video instruction DVD was created specifically for students using Apologia’s award winning curriculum Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd edition.

This outstanding 4 disc DVD set contains:

  • Instructional videos for each module
  • Animated diagrams of difficult concepts
  • Over twenty hours of chemistry instruction
  • Video presentation of every experiment from the textbook

Related Videos:

Introduction to Course

Sample video clips:

Module 7 Sample Lecture

Module 2 Sample Experiment 2.2

Format: DVD
Audience: Junior High–Adult
Presenter: Rusty A Hughes
Product Code: 30-9-307

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