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Close Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’ (Video Download)
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Close Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’ (Video Download)

A new theory about alleged alien abductions

As a renowned Christian researcher into the modern cultural phenomenon of UFOs, Gary has met and counseled numerous people who have seen strange things in sky or have claimed interaction with alleged alien beings. How can we explain these experiences, which can be real, but are not of an extraterrestrial source? Gary’s hypothesis is groundbreaking, yet straightforward, using phenomena that are known and understandable to us.

Presented at US SuperConference 2010.

This is a 938mb 720p MP4 video file which needs to be downloaded to your computer / tablet / smart phone before you can watch it. The software/program needed to watch the video will normally be already on your device but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.

No part of this can be reproduced without permission.

Language subtitles are not available on MP4 download video products unless otherwise specified.

Audience: High School–Adult
: Gary Bates
: 50
Product Code: 35-6-603

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