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Defending Your Faith 3 DVD pack
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Defending Your Faith 3 DVD pack

This pack includes 3 DVDs:

Six Days … Really?—Refuting Compromise from the Scriptures
A six-day, young earth understanding of Genesis is the only one that comes from the text itself, which is why the rest of Scripture interprets it that way. Long-age views are a modern aberration that comes from imposing outside ideas of uniformitarian ‘science’ upon the text. See how compromising views render the Bible meaningless to a dying world.

Creation Evangelism—Sharing Your Faith
Why does evangelism seem so difficult today? Actually, by applying proven soul-winning methods as found in the Scriptures, Christians can effectively ‘engage the culture’—whether in the evolutionized West or the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Find out how!

The Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge
Do you want to reach your culture with the gospel? Then you’d better be prepared to give them an ALTERNATIVE! There are sound credible answers to evolution, the most common excuse used to reject the Bible today, but most people haven’t heard them yet. The biblical worldview, including a 6-day creation event only 6,000 year ago, is a strong defendable scientific alternative! Get equipped and defend your faith against some of the most pressing excuses for rejecting Christianity in this informative, illustrated presentation.

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Audience: High School–Adult
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