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Earth\'s Catastrophic Past (Two-Volume Set)
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Earth's Catastrophic Past (Two-Volume Set)

What does the rock record say about earth's history? This long-awaited update to Genesis Flood is written by creation scientist, Andrew Snelling. Earth’'s Catastrophic Past provides up-to-date geological evidence that demonstrates the authority and accuracy of the biblical account of creation and the Flood.

With in-depth scholarly research and insight, topics covered in this two-volume set include:

  • The Biblical Record of the Global Genesis Flood
  • Non-Geological Arguments Used Against a Global Genesis Flood
  • Noah, the Ark, and the Animals
  • The Framework for a Scriptural Geology
  • A Biblical Geologic Model of Earth History

Volume 1: 464 pages
Volume 2: 638 pages

Format: Hard cover
Audience: Technical
Author: Andrew A Snelling
Pages: 1566
Product Code: 10-3-508

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