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Frozen in Time + Footprints in the Ash
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Frozen in Time + Footprints in the Ash

This pack includes the four books …

Frozen in Time
Earth’s past is littered with the mysterious and unexplained: the pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge, dinosaurs, and the list goes on as science looks for clues to decipher these puzzles. One such mystery surrounds the now-extinct creature called the woolly mammoth. After years of painstaking research, author and meteorologist Michael Oard has come to some fascinating conclusions to help lift the fog engulfing the facts on mammoths and the Ice Age. Included are explanations of super floods, ice cores, man in the Ice Age and the number of ice ages.

Footprints in the Ash
This lavishly illustrated book shares the full, explosive story of Mount St Helens. Written by two men who know the volcano, and its famous 1980 eruption, best. A powerful testament to the Creator and Judge, who forms canyons in just hours, not millions of years.

Format: Soft cover
Audience: High School–Adult
Author: Michael Oard, John Morris, Steven Austin
Pages: 341
Product Code: .90-7-947

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