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The Greatest Hoax on Earth? + Bioethics pack
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The Greatest Hoax on Earth? + Bioethics pack

Pack includes …

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? book
Refuting Dawkins on evolution

Richard Dawkins, the undisputed high priest of evolution/atheism, says his book The Greatest Show on Earth: the evidence for evolution is the first time he has presented all the evidence for evolution/long ages. It is promoted as an unanswerable demolition of creation. Scientist, logician, chessmaster and author of the world’s biggest-selling creationist book, CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati, relentlessly demolishes Dawkin’s claims point-by-point, showing biblical creation makes more sense of the evidence. A must-read—and a must-give (to all evolutionist acquaintances)!

Bioethics DVD
With his usual clarity, Dr Jonathan Sarfati shows how controversial ethical issues can be resolved if God’s Word, especially Genesis, is understood properly. This talk covers topics such as:

  • Animal welfare vs animal rights
  • Eugenics and euthanasia
  • Abortion
  • Cloning and stem cells
  • Many more …
He also reveals the ethical horrors resulting from an evolutionary worldview.

Audience: High School–Adult
Author/Presenter: Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Product Code: .90-7-233

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Greatest Hoax on Earth? Bioethics DVD
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