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Footprints in the Ash + Rocks Aren\'t Clocks pack
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Footprints in the Ash + Rocks Aren't Clocks pack

Pack includes the two DVDs …

The High-Tech Cell
7 major points—and it was not just science

The human genome is anything but simple. In fact, it is a super-complex computer operating system that far exceeds anything created by humans to date. New revelations about how it works have surprised us, and the complexity of the code is nothing short of astounding. The genome, perhaps more than anything else, defies naturalistic evolutionary theory.

Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 "Daughters" of Noah
Human genetic data fits the Bible better than evolution

The Bible records three historical biblical “main events” that would have left an indelible mark on our genetic makeup: Creation, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel. Exciting research in modern genetics actually underlines the reality of these events, if you expect to find the evidence and go looking for it (but you have to know where to look!).

Format: DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Dr Robert Carter
Length: 86 mins
Product Code: .90-7-236

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