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Philip Bell DVD pack
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Philip Bell DVD pack

Pack includes the three DVDs …

Apemen: ‘Missing Links' & The Bible
Did you know that ‘hobbits’ and other ‘hominids’ were real and are confirmed in the fossil record? But real what? Were they apes, humans … or something else? In this DVD featuring Philip Bell, you’ll hear quotes from evolutionists stating that the popular illustrations and models of ape-to-man succession are actually an illusion, figments of overly creative imaginations. Bell reveals that ideas and theories in science are constantly changing, but the ones that are constantly proven correct are those that agree with the biblical record! An enlightening illustrated lecture.

Battle for the Mind DVD
The creation/evolution debate is much more than a disagreement about scientific evidence. It is really a battle for hearts and minds, waged at the level of history.
In his impassioned message to an Australian church, Philip Bell considers reasons why people’s confidence in the Bible and in God is being increasingly challenged today. The wisdom of Scripture is contrasted with that of our increasingly secular world—such worldly thinking tends to change with the times and this impacts our understanding of science as well as that of the Christian faith.

Design, Death and Suffering
The argument for design seems so compelling, yet so many people don’t ‘see’ it. Why should that be? And if things really were intelligently designed, why the rampant death and suffering in the world around us? Does the Bible really answer these challenges?

Format: DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Philip Bell
Length: 156 mins
Product Code: .90-7-217

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