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Putting the Pieces Together DVD Mini-Series
CMI Price:R350.00

Putting the Pieces Together DVD Mini-Series

A comprehensive 6-part DVD teaching series designed to help you and your group(s) develop a fully-integrated Christian worldview. Ideal for schools/teachers, Bible study and discipleship groups, and general teaching in church. The most-asked questions—answered!


  • Teaching the Christian Worldview (Don Batten)
  • Six Days and the True History of the Universe (Tas Walker)
  • Fossils, the Flood and Earth Science (Tas Walker)
  • After Their Kind: Key to Living Things (Don Batten)
  • Dinosaurs: Applying the Biblical Worldview (Don Batten)
  • Answer the Most-Asked Questions! (Tas Walker)

Packaged as a box set with each DVD within its own case.

The companion Participant’s Workbook is included on the DVD but this has been superseded with a new full colour edition. You can download this new edition here.

Format: DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Dr Tas Walker, Dr Don Batt
Length: 240 mins
Product Code: 30-9-551

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