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Let the Rocks Speak (Video Download)
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Let the Rocks Speak (Video Download)

(excerpts of the DVD)

Evidence for the Flood from the fossils and geology

What kinds of geological evidence do we find that support a geographically universal, violent flood?
In this illustrated presentation, Philip Bell discusses scientific facts that point to continental-scale inundation by water, quick succession of strata and rapid, large-scale folding of sedimentary layers.
Philip also gives Flood geology perspectives on fossils that he has collected from UK sites. Finally, building on research by Mike Oard, Philip deals with geomorphological landforms, showing how these speak powerfully of the recessive stage of the Flood ofNoah’s day.

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Subtitles: English

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Audience: High School–Adult
: Philip Bell
: 60
Product Code: 35-6-641

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