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Set in Stone + Geology by the Book DVD pack
CMI Price:R370.00

Set in Stone + Geology by the Book DVD pack

Pack includes the following two DVDs …

Set in Stone: Evidence For Earth’s Catastrophic Past

A fascinating, fact-filled, beautifully filmed documentary, taking in picturesque locations across the British Isles, including classic geological icons—such as Siccar Point, Scotland and Giant’s Causeway, N. Ireland. Enhanced by ‘in-the-field’ teaching by experienced creationist geologists, the viewer is exposed to a wealth of teaching on the rocks. The journey of exploration includes a look at such things as historical geology, uniformitarian thinking, neocatastrophism, rapid granite formation, glacial megafloods, various dating techniques, fossil graveyards, chalk deposits, and more!

An excellent DVD to help unravel the mysteries of earth’s geological past, challenging head on the notion of millions-of-years thinking.This DVD is a powerful resource for use in schools, in small group discussions and as a pre-evangelistic tool.

Geology by the Book - A Deluge of Evidence
Discover how iconic geological sites such as the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Siccar Point in Scotland, and the Three Sisters in Australia dramatically demonstrate the reality of Noah’s Flood. Learn how many people in our world are trying to stop this information reaching you. Once you begin in the right place—with the book—and view the geological evidence from that perspective, it transforms the way you see your world.

This offer is available while stocks last or until 15th February 2017.

Format: DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Dr Tas Walker
Product Code: .90-7-172

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