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How Textbooks Mislead (Video Download)
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How Textbooks Mislead (Video Download)

“Facts” are not neutral—and neither is education.

Do you know what your children learn in school? Dr Don Batten investigates the evolutionary teaching in a typical biology text used in senior high school. The textbook uses many deceitful, out-of-date and even fraudulent arguments to indoctrinate students in evolution (everything made itself without a Creator). Be prepared to equip our youth with answers!

This is a 342mb 640x480px MP4 video file which needs to be downloaded to your computer / tablet / smart phone before you can watch it. The software/program needed to watch the video will normally be already on your device but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.

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Audience: High School–Adult
: Dr Don Batten
: 50
Product Code: 35-6-577

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