Creation Magazine LIVE! Season 4, Ep 19-24

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Richard Fangrad, Calvin Smith

171 Minutes

MP4 Video


Creation Magazine LIVE! builds the faith of viewers by showing how the latest scientific discoveries wonderfully support the Bible, especially the creation account in Genesis.

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•  Speciation: yes, Evolution: no

Rapid speciation has always been a cornerstone of Young Earth Creationist belief. If all of the animals we see today are descended from the limited amount of animals on Noah's Ark then rapid speciation must have occurred. See the stunning evidence of this very thing and why it is so challenging to evolutionists and 'Old Earth' creationists alike.
•  Speciation and biblical kinds—what's the connection?
God’s Word says that animals were created to reproduce 'after their kind' (not to evolve into other kinds over millions of years). But what is a 'kind'? If new species are being produced, does that support creation or evolution? Are the 'kinds' mentioned in Genesis the same as today's species? Find out!
•  The Koran vs Genesis
Many people say the Muslim god and the God of the Bible are the same. If that's true then the Koran and the Bible should agree with one another, but they don't. Find out why a belief that the god of the Koran could never be reconciled with the God that wrote Genesis.
•  The Creation model—Big picture of history
The theory of evolution is described in much detail in most classrooms today. Names, dates, classifications, etc., all seem to point to a very 'scientific' history of the world. But what about Creation? Does it have a cohesive historical narrative that can be backed up scientifically? Absolutely! Look at the 'big picture' of the Bible’s history on this week's show.
•  Evolution and education—How to survive in a secular system
State run school systems teach evolution as fact. And most children from Christian homes go to state schools. What can a student do to defend their faith in such a hostile environment? How can parents prepare their children? We discuss practical tips and real life examples in this episode.
•  Was Noah's Flood global?
Does it matter whether it was global or local? What does the scripture actually say? If it was a global flood, where's the evidence for it? These and other questions are answered in this episode.

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