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One Big Family + Oxpecker and the Giraffe

Two book pack

Hard Cover
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Gary and Frances Bates; Patrick Fitzpatrick

Hard Cover


Pack includes …

One Big Family
The truth about where we all came from

48 page hard cover book by Gary and Frances Bates [10-1-585]
The Bible’s true account of history, that all people everywhere are closely related, and are made in the image of their Creator is one of the most heartwarming and affirming messages than any person can hear. This book tells the story of our true human origins and the very first family—Adam and Eve. In the process it will help unwind many of the things that children hear and see via evolutionary stories on TV or even through their education.

The Oxpecker and the Giraffe
I Need You and You Need Me

32 page hard cover book by Patrick Fitzpatrick [10-1-552]
The surface of the earth presents many puzzles for uniformitarian scientists, but can be explained by catastrophic runoff late in the Flood. Great vertical tectonics and massive erosion occurred at this time. Planation surfaces were cut into solid rock, and very hard rocks were transported many hundreds of miles.

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