Mizraim, Archaeology and the Search for Noah in Egypt

Audio MP3 recording by Gavin Cox

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2018 European Creation Conference (London)

Gavin Cox

55 Minutes

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Gavin’s in-depth talk is a ‘romp-through-the-ruins’ and a ‘tracing-through-the-texts’ of ancient Egypt, searching for clues regarding extra-biblical evidence for the Flood, Noah and his family. Gavin asks “why Egypt for evidence?” and comes to some startling conclusions: the textual evidence is clear that the Egyptians knew of the family of eight who survived the Great Flood; they are mentioned by Egypt’s greatest pharaohs; and this evidence stretches right back to the very beginning of Egypt—to its most ancient monuments. The talk is based on Gavin’s Master’s Degree in Egyptology dissertation (from Birmingham University), for which he received a distinction. Gavin also published similar themes in the International Conference of Creationism, Pittsburgh, 2013.

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