How Noah's Flood Shaped Our Earth + Planetary Cataclysm

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How Noah's Flood Shaped Our Earth
200 page book by Dr John Baumgardner
This book will give you a new appreciation for the power and impact of Noah’s Flood—a pivotal event in the history of our planet. It was the biblical Flood, not millions of years, that deposited thousands of metres of folded, bent, and twisted rock strata all over the earth, and the billions of fossils contained therein.

Planetary Cataclysm
Plate tectonics modelling—astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood

55min DVD presented by Michael J Oard and John K Reed
Hear about astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood from one of the world’s leading geophysicists. Using simulated computer modelling, the evidence is so compelling that it has caused many to reconsider their conventional views about plate tectonics.

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