Biblical Biology 101 + Migration After the Flood

Dominic Statham two DVD pack


Dominic Statham

88 Minutes



Pack includes the two DVDs …

Biblical Biology 101
Is Darwinian evolution good science?

39min DVD by Dominic Statham
It is not Christians who have problems with biology but evolutionists! In this easy to understand, well-illustrated talk, Dominic Statham shows how many facts about the natural world fit the Bible’s account of Creation far better than they fit the theory of evolution. In preparing the presentation, Dominic assumed no prior knowledge of the subject matter in his audience.

Migration After the Flood
How plants and animals spread around the world so quickly

49min DVD by Dominic Statham
Contrary to claims made by some evolutionists, plants and animals are not found where we would expect if evolution were true. In this very clear, well illustrated presentation, Dominic Statham shows how biogeography supports the biblical account of earth history rather than the evolutionary story.

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