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Creation Geology pack

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357 Minutes



TWO BONUS VIDEO DOWNLOADS are also included Biblical Geology and Radioactive Dating & A Young Earth.

Pack contains the six DVDs …

Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood
A DVD voyage through the ‘Canyon of Canyons’. Your personal tour of the Grand Canyon brought to you by the creation scientists who know it best! Answer the hard questions about the origin and history of the Grand Canyon. Learn how the Grand Canyon, a world-famous ‘showcase of geology’, is best understood in the light of Scripture. Features five creation geologists—Dr Steve Austin, Dr George Van Burbach, Dr John Morris, Dr Andrew Snelling and Dr Kurt Wise.

Mount St. Helens: Explosive evidence for catastrophe
See canyons and rock layers (the sort you may have been taught were formed over millions of years) formed in a very short time. Dr Steve Austin has been a consultant for government and private sectors on the formation of rock strata, fossils, coal and oil and he is noted worldwide for his research on Mt St Helens. On this DVD, first released in 1999, Dr Austin shares his spectacular and unique photography of the 1980 volcanic eruption and its after-effects.

Set in Stone: Evidence For Earth’s Catastrophic Past
A fascinating, fact-filled, beautifully filmed documentary, taking in picturesque locations across the British Isles, including classic geological icons—such as Siccar Point, Scotland and Giant’s Causeway, N. Ireland. Enhanced by ‘in-the-field’ teaching by experienced creationist geologists, the viewer is exposed to a wealth of teaching on the rocks. The journey of exploration includes a look at such things as historical geology, uniformitarian thinking, neocatastrophism, rapid granite formation, glacial megafloods, various dating techniques, fossil graveyards, chalk deposits, and more!

The Great Ice Age: Evidence From the Flood For It’s Quick Formation and Melting

Explore the evidence for one rapid, post-Flood ice age with meteorologist Michael Oard. In three half-hour-plus episodes, you’ll travel to various geological locations across the northwestern U.S., observing first-hand the effects of the Genesis Flood and it’s icy aftermath. Learn how the ice age is a natural result of the Flood, and how a creationist model solves a host of mysteries about woolly mammoths, migration patterns, and dramatic climate change. You’ll also learn why the evolutionary scientific community believes in multiple ice ages, and why this interpretation is mistaken.

Part 1: Introduction to the Ice Age and the Associated Mysteries (35 minutes)
Part 2: Evidence for the Flood producing one Ice Age (30 minutes)
Part 3: How one Ice Age explains the Associated Mysteries (32 minutes)

Stunning footage, dramatic music, and in-depth teaching all serve to deepen your understanding and grow your faith. Those hungry for a biblical understanding of the ice age will be treated to a feast. Plus, you’ll get access to bonus features like behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.

The Great Missoula Flood: Modern Day Evidence for the Worldwide Flood
Michael Oard will take you on a tour of the ancient shorelines, lake sediments, glacial moraines, over-deepened lakes, gravel bars, scablands, coulees, giant dry falls, silt hills, giant ripple marks, catastrophically cut basalt canyons, sediment rhythmites, and glacial erratics. He’ll present strong evidence there was only one Missoula Flood, caused by the single Ice Age, after the Global Flood, all happening just a few thousand years ago.

Thousands ... Not Billions
This compelling documentary summarizes an extensive eight-year research project by a group of scientists known as the RATE Team (Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth). It includes a brief dramatization of the all-too-common experience of a Christian student whose faith is challenged by a secular science professor steeped in evolution. Included in this special edition of Thousands … Not Billions are several useful bonus features, including scientists’ summaries, etc., that can be utilized in many ways, including in the classroom.

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