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Creation Intro pack

Two Books + DVD

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This pack includes the three products …

The Creations Answers Book
272 page book by various authors [10-2-505]
The Creation Answers Book provides biblical answers to over 60 important questions that everyone wants to know on creation/evolution and the Bible! Not only does it answer your own questions, but equips you to effectively respond to those that resist the Gospel due to worldly teaching on origins. This important work is a ‘must have’ for anyone’s library!

Refuting Evolution book
144 page book by Jonathan Sarfati [10-2-110]
Refuting Evolution is a hard-hitting critique of the most up-to-date arguments for evolution, to challenge educators, students and parents. It is a powerful, yet concise summary of the arguments against evolution and for creation. It will stimulate much discussion and help students and teachers think more critically about origins.

Creation: The Key to Dynamic Witnessing DVD
57 min DVD by Dr Carl Wieland [30-9-546]
This presentation was given ‘live’ to some 2000 people, many of them students, at South Africa’s renowned university town of Stellenbosch. Afterwards, 30 university students came forward in public, going on to profess first-time faith in Christ. It’s clear that in this age of science and technology, we need to deal with the evolution issue head-on, from an unashamedly biblical standpoint.

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