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Catastrophic Caves + FREE Geology & Cave Formation

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Vance Nelson | Dr Emil Silvestru


Pack includes a book and a FREE DVD …

Catastrophic Caves
Untold Secrets of Planet Earth series

195 page book by Vance Nelson [10-2-662]
Vance takes us around the world with beautiful pictures of mines, industries, mineral springs, and natural and man-carved caverns that have developed cavern-like formations in just a few hundred years. The book features original photos of man-made artifacts and other objects encased in ‘stone’. You will learn how industries around the world preserve figurines and animal taxidermy rapidly, contrary to the uniformitarian belief that these things take millions of years to form. This hard-cover coffee-table book is well-researched and engaging. Vance convincingly shows that Noah’s flood is the key to understand the rapid formation of caverns.

FREE DVD Geology & Cave Formation
A Post-Flood Story

70 minute DVD by Dr Emil Silvestru [30-9-528]
Where did caves come from? A leading expert on the subject, Dr Silvestru explains how the Genesis account of a recent worldwide Flood explains most cave formations. His research smashes the alternative view that caves took millions of years to form.

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