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Erin Hughes & Lita Cosner | Russell Grigg


Pack includes three books …

Creation Answers for Kids
56 page hard cover book by Erin Hughes & Lita Cosner [10-1-617]
Go on adventures with the James family as they learn about how the Bible has answers for all of our biggest questions! Listen in on their 'family lessons' to find out:

  • Why are there thorns and prickles?
  • Is the Ice Age in the Bible?
  • Are all people really related to each other?
  • Why do we have to work?
  • Do miracles happen?
  • And seven other intriguing questions!

Days 1–7
Your complete children’s guide to the 7 days of Creation Week

32 page soft cover book by Russell Grigg [10-1-604]
A full-colour, glossy and beautifully illustrated guide to what God did on each day of Creation Week. It presents the truth about Creation in a way that will stimulate young minds and answer questions such as: Who made God? Is there life on Mars? Could the days have been millions of years? What about the big bang? Did God use evolution? A compilation of articles that have appeared in the Creation for Kids section of Creation magazine, it points children to Jesus Christ, the Creator and Saviour God.

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