Dismantling the Big Bang + Challenges to the Big Bang

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Dismantling the Big Bang
God's Universe Rediscovered

346 page book by Alex Williams and John Hartnett [10-2-188]
Dismantling the Big Bang reveals the scientific and philosophical weaknesses at the core of big-bang thinking and the contradictions to which they lead. Written on a level that lay-people can understand, it shows the intellectual superiority of the history of the universe given in the Bible as a basis for our thinking about the cosmos. Rediscover how to think about the universe in the only way that makes sense—from God’s perspective, in the light of the history given in His Word.

Challenges to the Big Bang
Episode/DVD 2 of The Heavens Declare
50 minute DVD with presenter Kyle Justice [30-9-101]
This DVD introduces scientific challenges to the Big Bang theory. The experts address the suggestion by Christians that God could have used the Big Bang and why there are many reasons to reject that idea. They finish off by talking about why the Biblical model works better with the evidence and how we can reconcile science with the Bible.

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