Please Nana books + One Big Family + Oxpecker

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Patrick Fitzpatrick, Gary and Frances Bates, Margaret Wieland

Hard Cover



This pack contains the four books …

Please Nana ... Who is God?
Please Nana ... What is death?

32 pages (each) hard cover books by Margaret Wieland [10-1-559, 10-1-560]
These books meet the tough questions headon from Genesis. The captivating rhyme and stunning artwork brilliantly illustrates difficult concepts in an eyecatching, modern yet sensitive and child-friendly style that helps youngsters absorb the biblical truths being conveyed. They includes notes and weblinks to help parents.

One Big Family
The truth about where we all came from

48 page hard cover book by Gary and Frances Bates [10-1-585]
The Bible’s true account of history, that all people everywhere are closely related, and are made in the image of their Creator is one of the most heartwarming and affirming messages that any person can hear. This book tells the story of our true human origins and the very first family—Adam and Eve. In the process it will help unwind many of the things that children hear and see via evolutionary stories on TV or even through their education.

The Oxpecker and the Giraffe
I Need You and You Need Me

32 page hard cover book by Patrick Fitzpatrick [10-1-552]
A delightful nature story in ‘Dr Seuss-style’ rhyme about an oxpecker bird who removes ticks and other nasties from the skin of a giraffe, for the benefit of both. With captivating artwork, it uses these two zany characters to teach about God’s design, and about relationships, in a way that young children can easily understand and enjoy.

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