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Does the Universe have a centre? Can observations determine where our galaxy is in the universe? Big bang cosmology tells us there is no unique centre. But John Hartnett shows that such views are philosophically determined and that the observable evidence suggests our galaxy is actually somewhere near the centre of the universe. Moreover, such evidence implies design and gives new meaning to “The heavens declare the glory of God …”.

A kiss from a princess can’t turn a frog into a prince, yet evolutionists claim that ancestral amphibians changed into people by chance and natural selection. But such major biological change needs new information. This powerful presentation is brim full of facts and exciting interviews with famous scientists from around the world—Prof Richard Dawkins (zoologist), Dr Lee Spetner (biophysicist), Dr Michael Denton (biologist), Prof Werner Gitt (information scientist) and Dr Don Batten (biological scientist). (Documentary)

Presenter: Interviews with Prof. Richard Dawkins, Dr Lee Spetner, Dr Michael Denton, Prof. Werner Gitt and Dr Don Batten.

Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish 

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