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Creation Arguments DVD Pack

Two DVD pack


Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Dr Robert Carter & Dominic Statham



This pack includes the two DVDs …

The Alternative
Creation’s Competitive Edge

47 minute DVD by Dr Robert Carter [30-9-560]
Do you want to reach your culture with the gospel? Then you’d better be prepared to give them an ALTERNATIVE! There are sound credible answers to evolution, the most common excuse used to reject the Bible today, but most people haven’t heard them yet. The biblical worldview, including a 6-day creation event only 6,000 year ago, is a strong defendable scientific alternative! Get equipped and defend your faith against some of the most pressing excuses for rejecting Christianity in this informative, illustrated presentation.

Biblical Biology 101
Is Darwinian evolution good science?

39 minute DVD by Dominic Statham [30-9-630]
It is not Christians who have problems with biology but evolutionists! In this easy to understand, well-illustrated talk, Dominic Statham shows how many facts about the natural world fit the Bible’s account of Creation far better than they fit the theory of evolution. In preparing the presentation, Dominic assumed no prior knowledge of the subject matter in his audience.

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