Youth Apologetics DVD Pack

Two DVD pack


Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Dave Benson & Dan Paterson; Philip Bell



This pack includes the two DVDs …

Goo 2 U, via the Zoo
Evolved or Designed?

43 minute DVD by Dave Benson & Dan Paterson [30-9-599]
Dave and Dan set out to open up the big questions to a searching generation of youth. Challenging, fun, and culturally relevant, this DVD offers a way out of the confusion for youth searching for answers that satisfy both the mind and the heart.

Battle for the Mind
48 minute DVD by Philip Bell [30-9-592]
The creation/evolution debate is much more than a disagreement about scientific evidence. It is really a battle for hearts and minds, waged at the level of history. In his impassioned message to an Australian church, Philip Bell considers reasons why people’s confidence in the Bible and in God is being increasingly challenged today. The wisdom of Scripture is contrasted with that of our increasingly secular world—such worldly thinking tends to change with the times and this impacts our understanding of science as well as that of the Christian faith. Foundations matter, so Creation matters! Differing worldviews make a huge difference to science, morality and the Gospel itself. Along the way, Philip asks and answers the question “Is there evidence for the rapid formation of rocks and fossils?” In so doing, he presents evidence from things as diverse as crinoids, plants and ‘bog butter’! The viewer is urged to reconnect biblical history to the real world.

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