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Evolution, Creation and Science

Soft Cover
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Soft Cover


Evolution, Creation and Science has been written to equip teachers to deal with this topic in a deeper way. In plain English, with many helpful diagrams, it explains why evolutionists hold the views they do and how advocates of Creation and Intelligent Design respond to their arguments.

Many scientists do not accept the broad claims of Darwinists and reject the assertion that the Darwinian process could produce the living world. Moreover, creationists argue that the facts of science fit far better within a creation worldview. Evolution, Creation and Science, covers all these issues and explains the debate in the context of Christian and atheistic worldviews and the history of science.

It is an excellent resource for use as supplementary Learner and Teacher Support Material (LTSM) in the learning areas FET Life Sciences Grades 10–12 and Religion Studies Grade 12.   An excellent supplement to any home school curriculum.

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