Dismantling the Big Bang + Light-years?

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Alex Williams, John Hartnett, Dr Russell Humphreys



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Light-Years? No Problem!
Distant starlight in a young universe

20 minute DVD by Dr Russell Humphreys [30-9-657]
One of the world’s leading creationist cosmologists, Dr Russell Humphreys, shares his model to explain how distant starlight, allegedly billions of light-years away, could reach the earth within a 6,000 year-old creation. His model explores Einstein’s general theory of relativity and the scientifically documented phenomenon of gravitational time dilation.

Dismantling the Big Bang
God's Universe Rediscovered

346 page soft cover book by Alex Williams and John Hartnett [10-2-188]
Dismantling the Big Bang reveals the scientific and philosophical weaknesses at the core of big-bang thinking and the contradictions to which they lead. Written on a level that lay-people can understand, it shows the intellectual superiority of the history of the universe given in the Bible as a basis for our thinking about the cosmos. Rediscover how to think about the universe in the only way that makes sense—from God’s perspective, in the light of the history given in His Word.

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