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Creatures Do Change + Design, Death and Suffering

Two DVDs


Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Dr Don Batten, Philip Bell



Pack includes the two DVDs …

Creatures Do Change But It's Not Evolution
How natural selection supports the Bible

48 minute DVD by Dr Don Batten [30-9-601]
God created things in a way that thwarts evolutionary story-telling. See how mutations and natural selection contradict evolution, and how microbes-to-microbiologists evolution is impossible. See the incredible workings inside cells with the latest, original, cutting-edge animation showing how cells make proteins. It’s mind-blowing! It defies evolution and shouts “Creation!”

Design, Death and Suffering
55 minute DVD by Philip Bell [30-9-593]
The argument for design seems so compelling, yet so many people don’t ‘see’ it. Why should that be? And if things really were intelligently designed, why the rampant death and suffering in the world around us? Does the Bible really answer these challenges?

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