Discovering the Truth about Dinosaurs + The Oxpecker and the Giraffe

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Hard Cover

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Patrick Fitzpatrick; Philip Bell and Alison Brown

Hard Cover


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The Oxpecker and the Giraffe
I Need You and You Need Me

32 page hardcover book by Patrick Fitzpatrick [10-1-552]
A delightful nature story in ‘Dr Seuss-style’ rhyme about an oxpecker bird who removes ticks and other nasties from the skin of a giraffe, for the benefit of both. With captivating artwork, it uses these two zany characters to teach about God’s design, and about relationships, in a way that young children can easily understand and enjoy.

Discovering the Truth about Dinosaurs
44 page soft cover book by Philip Bell and Alison Brown [10-1-622]
This book will especially suit 7–11 year olds, but younger children will also enjoy having it read to them. A biblical history of those dynamic dinosaurs in rhyme, it is structured using 7 words beginning with D: Design, Downfall, Deluge, Dread, Decline, Discovery, and Declare. Enhanced by delightful illustrations and plenty of pages of additional educational helps, there is plenty of thought-provoking teaching to interest and intrigue children of all ages, and adults too.

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