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Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? + Walking Through Shadows

Two DVDs


Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Gary Bates, Dr Carl Wieland


This pack includes …

Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things?
The Biblical Response to Death and Suffering

50 minute DVD by Gary Bates [30-9-623]
One of the most asked questions is why a loving God allows death and suffering. The heart of the Creator is revealed as Gary Bates persuasively unfolds the often overlooked issue in today’s evolution-creation culture wars—the vital ‘big picture’ of the Gospel. Many hearts and minds were changed after hearing Gary explain the Gospel message with a powerful, yet compassionate approach.

Walking Through Shadows: A Testimony
How Genesis creation gives strength in personal tragedy

34 minute DVD by Dr Carl Wieland [30-9-579]
Former medical doctor Carl Wieland details the events of a tragic road accident that almost claimed his life and subsequently required dozens of operations. Hear how a belief in the truth of a Genesis Creation provided the understanding and strength in making sense of why a God of love allows bad things to happen—even to Christians.

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