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Gary Bates and Drs Tas Walker, Don Batten & Mark Harwood



Pack includes the four DVDs …

A Brief, but True, History of Time
61 minute DVD by Dr Mark Harwood [30-9-576]
In tracing the chronological timeline of biblical history from creation to the cross, Dr Harwood reveals the exciting implications of taking Genesis as true history, and shows how the scientific evidence is actually consistent with it. The big picture of the gospel message presented is “good news” indeed!

Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed!
Startling facts about this disturbing phenomenon

53 minute DVD by Gary Bates [30-9-578]
Can spacecraft be reaching us from light-years away? Is there life on other planets? Are people really experiencing alien visitations and what does all this have to do with the debate on origins? This presentation digs deeper and unravels the truth behind the vast amounts of misinformation surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It’s even more disturbing than most think.

Rapid Rocks
The ‘big picture’— and why it matters

45 minute DVD by Dr Tas Walker [30-9-568]
The evidence for global catastrophe from the smallest rock to the largest landscape is overwhelming. You too can see the evidence for catastrophe—if you know what to look for. Dr Tas Walker shows you example after example of amazing geologic features that you will easily recognize as evidence of Noah’s Flood.

God’s fearsome and freaky creations

49 minute DVD by Dr Don Batten [30-9-611]
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? You will be surprised how much! And the realworld evidence fits the Bible’s real history of the world from the beginning, and it includes these amazing creatures. See how we can use dinosaurs to teach age-old gospel truths. Both children and adults will love this entertaining and informative presentation.

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