Mathematics: Is God Silent?

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James Nickel

Soft Cover

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This book revolutionizes the prevailing understanding and teaching of math. The addition of this book is a must for all upper-level Christian school curricula and for college students and adults interested in math or related fields of science and religion. It will serve as a solid refutation for the claim, often made in court, that mathematics is one subject, which cannot be taught from a distinctively Biblical perspective.

A fascinating and very readable history of mathematics which traces mathematical progress from Babylon, Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, the Arabs, through the Middle Ages, the Protestant Reformation, and to the Modern. The author displays the accomplishments of mathematicians and also the limitations they faced, the latter often on account of their pagan worldviews.

Mathematics: Is God Silent? should be viewed as a valuable creation resource. Besides edifying creationists, the book could be instrumental in removing a major stumbling block in the minds of many evolutionized Christians, namely the false conception that mathematics (or science in general) could be a neutral endeavor carried out by autonomous man. Scientifically-minded but evolutionized Christians who would purposefully avoid “creationist” literature might be open to reading Nickel’s book. And in doing so, they will get a strong, though gently applied dose of Biblical presuppositional thinking as applied to mathematics and science.

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