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The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis

Soft Cover


Bill Cooper

Soft Cover



Archaeologists and students of history know that our museums contain numerous records of the ancient civilisations that lived around the Middle East in the millennia preceding the birth of Christ. A remarkable number contain narratives that are identical or similar to events documented in Genesis, such as the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, the Flood, and the confusion of languages at Babel. Those who dismiss the Bible as no more than a man-made creation often argue that the authors of Genesis drew upon these pagan sources. Cooper, however, demonstrates that the weight of evidence points to Genesis being the original, authentic record. The many similar accounts from neighbouring tribes, he argues, are clearly corruptions of the true versions witnessed by the patriarchs, and passed down from generation to generation by the descendants of Noah.

Cooper also documents numerous accounts of creation, a global flood, the tower of Babel and the confusion of languages, as found in legends throughout the world. Many of these, again, are remarkably similar to Genesis in their details, indicating a common source and confirming the biblical account of the dispersal of humanity at Babel. Cooper concentrates on the Flood traditions which date from times before any Christian influence could have been the original source.

The author, a respected historian, has spent much of his life researching the early history of mankind, and this has culminated in a most valuable resource. In this fascinating book, he piles fact upon fact and argument upon argument confirming that the Bible does, indeed, record the true history of mankind.

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