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Programming of Life (Sleeved packaging)

Sleeved DVD
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High School-Adult

LaBarge Media

45 Minutes

Sleeved DVD

LaBarge Media


The Programming of Life delves into one of the greatest mysteries in the living world—what controls the cell? Can evolution explain the spontaneous origin of life from simple chemicals? Can evolution explain how the complex cellular control system, called the ‘genome’, came to be? After a careful analysis of terms like ‘probability’, ‘certainty’, ‘unlikely’, and ‘impossible’, you will know the answer to these questions. Then, with an introduction to how utterly unlikely the origin of life is, you will better see the immensity of the problem for any naturalistic explanation of how life came to be.

This video is game-changing, ground-breaking, world view challenging and sure to evoke further interest and discussion in matters pertaining to the origin of life, the cell, the coded language of DNA and the exciting field of Information Science.

Supplied packaged in printed cardboard sleeves.

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