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Soft Cover


Started in 1984, Journal of Creation brings you in-depth, peer-reviewed comment, reviews and the latest research findings that relate to origins and the biblical account of Creation, the Flood and the Fall.

The Journal covers a wide spectrum of studies, not just science. Powerful articles have appeared on topics such as philosophy, theology, history, archaeology, social sciences and many more.

Purchasing a quantity of back issues will equip you with a variety of subject matter to confound the scoffers, and now available in a bulk pack.

Please note: This bulk pack contains 10 Journal back issues at our lowest ever price. Issues will be randomly selected from our better stocked issues and may include multiple copies of some issues. Order as many packs as you wish. If you require specific back issues, please order individual issues via the Journal of Creation back issue list (bulk price will apply on an individual issue basis), or for assorted multiple back issues (we choose the issues for you, and bulk quantity discounted prices also apply), order via Journal of Creation Assorted back issues.

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Issue 45:2

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Journal of Creation
Issue 37:1

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