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Hitler, Evolution & the Holocaust pack


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High School-Adult


This pack includes …

Evolution and the Holocaust DVD
How the Nazi eugenic crusade for a superior race caused the greatest Holocaust in world history

39 minute DVD by Dr Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-571]
How could such an advanced country descend to unspeakable brutal- ity? Evolutionary ideas permeating Germany undermined the sanctity of innocent human life. See a chilling Nazi propaganda clip, “we have sinned against natural selection” by allowing the “unfit” to live. Learn how the abortion and euthanasia lobbies make the same mistake.

Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview book
327 page softcover book by Jerry Bergman [10-2-601]
This book examines Germany’s most influential Nazi leaders, and provides compelling evidence that the rising influence of Darwinism, eugenics and race theory in the early twentieth-century society set the foundation for the Nazi Holocaust of World War II.

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