Ep 3: The Case of Israelite Slaves and the Wicked Pharaoh

Patterns of Evidence Young Explorers series

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Timothy Mahoney (filmmaker)

33 Minutes



The Young Explorers dig deeper into the next phase of the Exodus story—the tremendous multiplication of the Israelite population and their descent into slavery. They rise high above the plains of Egypt in a hot air balloon to see the amazing growth of Avaris and the discovery of baby Moses in a basket. The Explorers also examine an Egyptian document listing Hebrew slaves. Could all of this be evidence of the Israelites?

The Young Explorers join filmmaker Timothy Mahoney, Director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, on an adventure to investigate amazing evidence that matches the Bible. But there is more to the investigation than Tim lets on. He has a secret device, the Exploration Chamber. This holographic space allows the explorers to talk with real archaeologists, explore ancient evidence and visit the locations in Egypt and Israel where the events of the Exodus actually happened. Before each adventure they discover secret messages directing them to search their Bibles for clues in the text. What the Young Explorers find is a pattern of evidence that matches the Exodus and excites their faith.

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