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God's Wondrous Machine (3 Book pack)

3 book pack

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Pack includes the three books which were developed by a homeschooling pediatrician. An excellent supplement to any home school curriculum. 

These books focus on the amazing design and functionality of three human body areas …

The Electrifying Nervous System
78 page book by Dr Lainna Callentine [10-1-603]
You will discover:

  • The main areas and structures of the brain and what important role each plays in making your body work.
  • Awesome examples of God’s creativity in both the design and precision of human anatomy showing you are wonderfully made.
  • Important historical discoveries and modern medical techniques used for diagnosis and repair of the brain!
  • Learn interesting and important facts about why you sleep, the function of the central nervous system, what foods can superpower your brain functions, and much more in a wonderful exploration of the brain and how it controls the wondrous machine known as your body!

The Breathtaking Respiratory System
80 page book by Dr Lainna Callentine [10-1-608]
You will discover:

  • An elementary-level exploration of the human body’s respiratory system, focused on structures, function, diseases, and God’s efficient and effective designs
  • Fast facts and important discoveries that help medical professionals understand the mechanisms of our lungs, sinus cavities, and diaphragm
  • Find out why the common cold isn’t so common after all. Hundreds of viruses cause over 1 billion cases of the ‘common’ cold each year!

The Complex Circulatory System
80 page book by Dr Lainna Callentine [10-1-611]
You will discover:

  • The human heart beats 100,000 times a day, and one drop of blood has 5 million red blood cells in it
  • A timeline of important discoveries and innovators as well as key anatomical terms and concepts
  • Discussions of disease and proper care for optimal health!

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