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Creation not Confusion + Refuting the New Atheists

Two DVD products

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Gary Bates | Dr Jonathan Sarfati



Pack includes the two DVD products …

Creation not Confusion
86 minute two DVD set by Gary Bates
In these fast-paced and informative presentations, Gary Bates demonstrates with stunning clarity how beliefs about where we came from determine our overall worldview, our behavior, and where we think we go when we die—and why the church should embrace this issue if it is to be the force it once was when engaging the culture.

Refuting the New Atheists
56 minute DVD bt Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Best-selling author Dr Jonathan Sarfati reveals devastating weaknesses in the ‘new atheists’ attacks on God’s Word. This fast-paced presentation is a ‘must view’, especially for Christian students and parents. Learn how to see the fatal flaws in Bible skeptics’ arguments.

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