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Creation & the Age of Earth 4 DVD pack

4 DVD pack

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High School-Adult

Dr Tas Walker, Dr Robert Carter, Dr Geoff Downes & Richard Fangrad



Pack includes the four DVDs …

What the Bible & Science Say About the Age of the Earth
72 minute two part DVD by Richard Fangrad [30-9-557]
In his usual easy-to-understand style, Richard Fangrad helps the audience to resolve the 'age of the earth' controversy biblically and scientifically.

This presentation includes:

  • a detailed examination of the word ‘day’ in Genesis 1
  • a refutation of the ‘Gap Theory’ straight from the original Hebrew
  • a summary of the theological consequences of adding ‘millions of years’ to the Bible
  • an explanation of the assumptions involved in radiometric dating methods that make it wildly inaccurate
  • a look at scientific dating methods that do not support the evolutionary timescale

Tree Rings, Dating and Changing Climates
A forest scientist looks at the secrets of the past

51 minute DVD presented by Dr Geoff Downes [30-9-575]
Environmental change affects tree growth and the changes are captured partly in tree rings. Tree-ring studies are used to support the cause of climate change and many thousands of years of Earth history. But are wide rings caused by warmer temperatures? Is it this simple? Geoff Downes looks at the underpinning science in linking changes in wood structure to changing climate.

Spectacular Coral Reefs
Evidence for The Great Flood and not millions of years of gradualism

55 minute DVD presented by Dr Robert Carter [30-9-628]
The existence of large coral reefs in the rock record and beneath many tropical seas has long been used as a case against a biblical Creation. But coral reefs are not as strong a challenge to the young-earth paradigm as evolutionists want us to believe. A careful analysis of these incredible underwater gardens supports biblical history.

Rapid Rocks
The ‘big picture’— and why it matters

45 minute DVD presented by Dr Tas Walker [30-9-568]
The evidence for global catastrophe from the smallest rock to the largest landscape is overwhelming. You too can see the evidence for catastrophe—if you know what to look for. Dr Tas Walker shows you example after example of amazing geologic features that you will easily recognize as evidence of Noah’s Flood.

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