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What the Schools are Teaching + How the Earth was Shaped DVD pack

Two DVD pack

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Pack includes the two DVD products …

How the Earth Was Shaped
The receding waters of the flood carved the world we see today

54 minute DVD by Michael Oard [30-9-629]
The surface of the earth presents many puzzles for uniformitarian scientists, but can be explained by catastrophic runoff late in the Flood. Great vertical tectonics and massive erosion occurred at this time. Planation surfaces were cut into solid rock, and very hard rocks were transported many hundreds of miles.

What the Schools are Teaching
How to spot lies in textbooks

42 minute DVD by Dr Charles Jackson [30-9-629]
Have you ever wondered what textbooks are teaching about living things, as opposed to what the Bible teaches? It should not surprise you that they are opposites, but it might surprise you, that the textbooks contain outright falsehoods. You too should know the lies, so you can help your families, answer our church youth and the unbelieving world. In Dr Jackson’s usual dynamic style he will help you easily identify many of these.

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