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This pack includes five DVDs …

Creation Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith DVD 
60 Minute DVD featuring Dr David Catchpoole [30-9-518]
Why does evangelism seem so difficult today? Actually, by applying proven soul-winning methods as found in the Scriptures, Christians can effectively ‘engage the culture’—whether in the evolutionized West or the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Find out how! 

Noah's Flood Evidence in Australia DVD
57 minute DVD featuring Dr Tas Walker [30-9-515]
Is there any evidence of Noah's Flood? Yes, all over the world! Dr Walker, an Australian geologist, highlights some of the remarkable geologic features that he has studied in his home country—and they can only be explained by a worldwide flood. Includes English sub-titles and a 3-minute CMI promotional segment.

Apemen: ‘Missing Links' & The Bible

53 Minute DVD featuring Philip Bell [30-9-539]
Did you know that ‘hobbits’ and other ‘hominids’ were real and are confirmed in the fossil record? But real what? Were they apes, humans … or something else? In this new DVD featuring Philip Bell, you’ll hear quotes from evolutionists stating that the popular illustrations and models of ape-to-man succession are actually an illusion, figments of overly creative imaginations. Bell reveals that ideas and theories in science are constantly changing, but the ones that are constantly proven correct are those that agree with the biblical record! An enlightening illustrated lecture. Includes extra features, English sub-titles and a 3-minute promotional segment.

The Ice Age DVD
43 Minute DVD featuring Michael Oard [30-9-612]
The facts, the fiction and the furore. Naturalistic scientists are constantly challenging creationists to explain a host of observations, such as the Ice Age. Atmospheric scientist, Michael Oard, takes them up on the challenge and finds that the Ice Age is also a challenge to the naturalistic worldview. This is because the climate aftermath of the great Genesis Flood provides an ideal mechanism for a rapid Ice Age. Presented at US SuperConference 2010.

Creatures do Change, But it's not Evolution DVD
48 Minute DVD featuring Dr Don Batten [30-9-612]
God created things in a way that thwarts evolutionary story-telling. See how mutations and natural selection contradict evolution, and how microbes-to-microbiologists evolution is impossible. See the incredible workings inside cells with the latest, original, cutting-edge animation showing how cells make proteins. It’s mind-blowing! It defies evolution and shouts “Creation!”. Presented at US SuperConference 2010.

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