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Bone of Contention book + Icons of evolution DVD

DVD & book pack

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Bone of Contention
91 page softcover book by Sylvia Baker [10-2-667]
This book will suit a new generation of readers who are looking for an overview of a wide range of topics relating to the creation/evolution debate. Topcs covered are …

  • How evolution took over
  • Just what do the fossils prove?
  • Genesis and Genetics
  • How young is the Earth?
  • The truth about human history

Icons of evolution—Lucy and friends
56 minute DVD by Dr John Sanford [30-9-664]
Likely the most famous fossil ’ape-man’ is presented as an icon of evolution, a fossil that “proves” humans evolved from ape-like creatures. However, Dr John Sanford presents major controversies about Lucy that are rarely taught to students. Learn the facts about this famous fossil in this fascinating presentation.

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