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Biblical Geology 101

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Michael J Oard, Robert Carter

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September 2021


Geology is a fascinating topic— especially for Christians. That’s because it is the Bible that gives us the key to understanding the landforms, rock layers, and fossils that fill our world.

The key is Noah’s Flood—the globe-covering, life-destroying event that totally reshaped the earth around 4,500 years ago. Genesis describes this cataclysm and several New Testament authors (and Jesus himself!) refer back to it.

However, secular geology, with its billions of years, directly contradicts the Bible’s account of historyparticularly the global Flood. This is not a small matter, because Christianity’s claims are rooted in its account of history. If the Bible’s history is wrong, then Christianity is compromised!

But the Bible isn’t wrong. The Flood did happen. The evidence is all around us—if we have the eyes to see it.

Biblical Geology 101 will help you to see the abundant evidence for the Bible’s account of the global Flood. Your faith will be strengthened as you discover how biblical geology (rather than secular, long-age geology) provides a far superior framework for explaining real-world observations of the world’s landforms, rock layers, and fossils.

The book is clearly written and is filled with numerous helpful illustrations and photographs. As its name indicates, this is the go-to guide to the Bible and geology. A highly recommended biblical worldview resource.

200 pages, soft cover; full colour

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The perfect book for the average, science-interested Christian on how the biblical Flood (and its aftermath) has shaped our world.

Table of Contents:

    1. The blessing of learning a little geology
    2. The secular worldview dominates geology
    3. The biblical worldview
    4. The rocks of the earth
    5. Noah’s Flood laid down most of the rocks on Earth
    6. How Noah’s Flood explains fossils and the geologic column
    7. The Recessive Stage of the Flood
    8. The uniformitarian mysteries of geomorphology solved
    9. It is a young Earth
    10. Geological challenges—answered
    11. An Ice Age caused by the Flood
    12. Exciting discoveries in biblical geology
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From the Back Cover:

In one sense, geology is just the study of rocks. In another sense, it can be used to make grand claims about history. Thus, geology and its corollary of millions of years has been a significant challenge to the biblical timeline since scientists started looking at the rocks. Combined with the long scientific names and the many complex phenomena that go along with studying rocks, people can be intimidated by the claims of geology, in general.

book cover

Enter Biblical Geology 101. In this easy-to-read book, we will break down the seemingly complex names and give you real answers to the most significant questions. You will learn how rocks are formed, how they change over time, and how Noah’s Flood impacted the world. You will learn about the post-Flood Ice Age and how that further carved up the landscape. Along the way, you will be given a biblical model of earth history that explains what we see when we look at things like mountains and river valleys. You will see evidence for massive amounts of erosion that was caused by sheets of water flowing across continents. You will also learn about the subtle and small-scale processes that occur over longer periods of time.

Geology is a fun topic. It is also a biblical topic, because it has so much to tell us about biblical history. In Biblical Geology 101, you will learn that the Bible can be trusted.

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The Authors

Michael Oard

MICHAEL OARD M.S. did his master’s in atmospheric science and is a retired meteorologist from the US National Weather Service. He has authored numerous books and articles, is on the board of Creation Research Society, and is widely regarded as an expert on Ice Age creation topics.

Robert Carter

ROBERT CARTER B.S., Ph.D. is a senior speaker/scientist for CMI-USA in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a Ph.D. in coral reef ecology with a speciality in genetics, and is currently researching human genetics and other issues related to biblical creation. He is also on the board of Creation Research Society.


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