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Behemoths Buried Alive + How the Earth was Shaped

Michael Oard two DVD pack


Michael Oard

107 Minutes



Pack includes the two DVDs …

Behemoths Buried Alive
Evidence of rapid dinosaur burial points to a catastrophic deluge

53min DVD by Michael Oard
Not many are aware that observations in the rocks show billions of dinosaur tracks, nests, eggs, and scavenged bonebeds. Often touted as unanswerable challenges, Mike shows why they are rather evidence of live dinosaurs being buried alive and quickly, likely early in the great Flood of Noah’s time.

How the Earth Was Shaped
The receding waters of the flood carved the world we see today

54min DVD by Michael Oard
The surface of the earth presents many puzzles for uniformitarian scientists, but can be explained by catastrophic runoff late in the Flood. Great vertical tectonics and massive erosion occurred at this time. Planation surfaces were cut into solid rock, and very hard rocks were transported many hundreds of miles.

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